We are a full-service website development and marketing company located in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Our team specializes in the design and creation of custom websites. Our websites are as unique as the company we serve and specifically tailored to their ideal clients.
John Deaton
Owner / Lead Programmer

John is a web developer, engineer, and life-long programmer. He holds a Master's degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering obtained from Tennessee Technology University and a Master's degree in Business Administration from Western Kentucky University.

John has a passion for programming which began in the early 1990s via command-line programming with a Microsoft DOS based computer. Shortly thereafter in the mid-1990s, the internet became widespread, and he developed a fascination with web-based programming. Throughout the evolution of the underlying technologies that drive the internet, he has kept his passion for learning how to create beautiful and functional websites.

While attending business school at Western Kentucky University, John developed an interest in the marketing and growth of companies which led to his decision to begin using his passion and expertise of website development to help businesses market their products and services to potential new clients. He is passionate about not only creating websites for clients, but also helping businesses grow as a result of the new leads that are generated.

Laura Deaton
Creative Director

Laura specializes in creating a beautiful visual experience with a personal touch designed to be perfectly tailored to your business. She is creative and passionate about design and helps ensure our clients are 100% satisfied with the finished product. With a Sales Marketing degree from Western Kentucky University, her skills and expertise help set our clients' businesses apart from their competitors.

At Deaton Web Design, we believe your website is an artistic and professional extension of your business that sets the tone for your online presence. Your website should be an essential component of your overall business strategy. It’s where potential customers and loyal clients learn and interact with your brand.

“John created an incredible website for Cobb’s Customs and is always available to help us when we’re ready to make changes or updates. He’s professional, timely, creative, and very detail oriented. He takes your project personally, making sure it’s the absolute best it can be for your purposes. I can’t say enough about John Deaton and Deaton Web Design. If you’re a business owner, consider contacting John to help you with your website needs.”
Kim, Bowling Green, KY